Bio Products Laboratory – Alliance


Bio Products Laboratory Ltd. (BPL) manufactures a wide range of plasma products. Located in Elstree, near London (UK), BPL has been involved in the processing of human plasma since 1950 and started manufacturing specific immunoglobulins in 1972.


BPL is undertaking a major capital investment programme with the goal of becoming best in class. To this end the company decided to form Master Service Agreements with several long term suppliers so ensuring continuity of expertise.


HFL has worked with BPL for a number of years and has built a strong lasting relationship in this time.
This led to BPL approaching HFL to provide a Master Service Agreement for all engineering design activities at its Elstree site.
Haden Freeman used its knowledge and experience of alliances to propose a fair and equitable Master Services Agreement to BPL


A three year agreement has been established. BPL has secured a reduction in costs from a tried and trusted supplier. Haden Freeman has secured confidence in future workload and resource stability.


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