04 May

Haden Freeman are pleased to announce the launch of new company Haden Freeman C.I. Ltd

New Name, Known Heritage

Haden Freeman are pleased to announce the launch of new company Haden Freeman C.I. Ltd, building on our heritage of continuous improvement in the process industries.

What We Do

Getting more for less is an ever-increasing pressure. Whether it is more output from existing processes, or getting more capacity and flexibility for less capital outlay for a new process, or even just reducing operating costs, Haden Freeman C.I. can help.

Our core capability lies in Continuous Improvement based around Lean and 6 Sigma techniques. Often referred to as Operational Excellence (Op Ex) or Manufacturing Excellence (Man Ex), Lean is a very powerful approach to drive increasing productivity that cannot be overestimated.

Example Projects

  • Change Over Reduction or SMED techniques can be used to drastically cut plant decontamination, overhaul, installation and start-up times – 75% reduction in times have been achieved.
  • Implementation of visual management techniques, including short interval control, daily and Pulse meetings along with a balanced set of measurements, can greatly increase your team’s efficiency, focus and effectiveness. This quickly leads to increased throughput and reducing issues.
  • Structured problem solving brings together your people to work as a team to fix chronic problems. The use of Root Cause Analysis procedures chips away at daily problems at a surprising rate, for them never to return as underlying issues are eliminated.
  • New plant layouts and new processes can be assessed for capacity, productivity and flexibility to ensure your capital spend gives the best return. And with our Lean Thinking and Supply Chain Assessment processes Haden Freeman C.I. can make recommendations that reduce inventory needs and expensive storage. You are likely to find that quality issues and defects will drop too. Ask us about our past case studies where we have delighted the clients and saved them millions of pounds in capital spend and operating costs.

Our Approach

At Haden Freeman C.I. we like to get our hands dirty and deliver improvements for you, be it raising OEE, improving reliability through TPM or a PMO, or Value Stream Mapping to improve lead times and reduce inventory.

We do this by working with small client teams, facilitating analytical activities, leading problem-solving events, and supporting action implementation. This gives you additional benefits:

  1. The ideas and actions belong to your team: they were intrinsic in developing them and deciding what they were. This ensures enthusiasm, ownership and support for the actions, helping sustainability.
  2. Your team also gains the best form of training – experiential learning – which allows your team to do it again, and again, and again. As they have already done it once they know how to do it a second time.


Of course, we do provide training in all our areas of expertise. We pride ourselves on being able to relate to the issues and scenarios delegates face back at work, having been there ourselves. So, Haden Freeman C.I.’s training is pragmatic and based on our first-hand experience – anecdotes and case studies litter our courses bringing subjects alive. Wherever possible our training includes practical activities to reinforce the learning and develop behaviour change. While we have off-the-shelf training available, at Haden Freeman C.I. we aim to tailor training to encompass the client’s own systems, procedures and terminology, making it as relevant as possible.

Contact Us

You will find Haden Freeman C.I. to be adaptable and flexible, focused on you the client and delivering results.

Ask us.

We will do it.

To contact Haden Freeman C.I. either email enquiries@hflci.com or phone our head office on +44 (0) 161 304 5900