The team at Haden Freeman would like to take this opportunity to congratulate one of our client companies, Remediiate, on its successful award of a £2.1m grant from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero under the £20 million CCUS Innovation 2.0 programme; part of the department’s £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP).

Remediate's expertise is in the groundbreaking culturing of natural microalgae enabling emitters of CO2 to transform their waste output into valuable Fish and animal Feed.  By deploying CO2-eating algae, they produce a tonne of feed for every 2 tonnes ofCO2. (also producing 1 tonne of life-giving Oxygen).  Over several years they have developed their technology from the laboratory as they head towards gigatonne deployment.  

Haden Freeman have worked with Remediiate over the past 3 years supporting their requirement to develop the accuracy of investment across its project portfolio and into design. We are delighted to have been selected by Remediiate as its design engineering partner for this prestigious resource efficiency project.

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