Project Management

Project Management

The Haden Freeman project management team comprises multi-skilled professionals with direct experience from the manufacturing, design and process industries.

We use our own in house project risk assessment processes to enable us to identify and address any risks early on in the project.

We manage projects via various methodologies such as:  

  • EPC
  • EPCM
  • Shared risk and reward
  • Target price
  • Reimbursable

We deliver projects using the stage gating processor we can ‘fast track’ these stages using our own methods of identification of deliverables and early risk prediction. We are able to work on various areas of the project in tandem to secure a predictable project execution. These streamlined processes enable us to provide cost-effective and successful project management and implementation:

  • Feasibility
  •  +/-30% 
  • +/-10%
  • Detail design
  • Construction
  • Testing/Validation
  • Handover

Our cost control is generally managed by our proven Anticipated Final Cost (AFC) methodology but equally we can use the client’s cost control methods.

Planning is integral to all our projects and can be developed on a number of platforms to suit the client.

We are familiar with all types of contract and are able to offer advice to ensure the correct contract has been selected to benefit the project.

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